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What We Do

Ontogenix specializes in market entry strategy for medical device companies. We have developed a five-step process to facilitate entry into international markets – covering every aspect that are important for success. These steps are crucial for success and builds around overcoming local entry barriers while understanding the buying process and payor limitations. Learn More>

Why us?

Our executives have deep med tech expertise and between them probably visited every major hospital in Asia Pacific. What sets us apart is that we do critical engagement with the market stakeholders ourselves during the various phases of research, bringing you deeper insights and authentic information you can confidently use.

Market prioritization

The first question after developing a product is probably the most important question. Where do I sell first? We will build market models where you can assign weight-age to various attributes and simulate impact to your entry strategy.

Market Research

Once the target market has been selected, it is time to understand the nuances of the market place. Knowing details like entry barriers, buying behavior, competition and market pricing are essential to creating a robust market entry strategy.

Distribution strategy

Finding distributors is easy, finding the right distributor is a complex process. We jointly create an ideal distributor criterion matching your needs. This is then researched in stages – against our database, results of primary research and finally customer recommendations to create the right fit.