Ten step approach

Designed for SME’s

SME’s and Start ups are a an important contributing factor in health tech and help bring disruptive technologies to fore. However, in initial stages start ups face major challenges in terms of access to commercialization expertise, among others.

Our custom SME package is designed to help small firms create a business plan without spending a fortune – quickly.

Creating the plan

We will walk you through simple process and ensure you have awareness of risks, benefits and challenges for the next big step.

1. Validation

Most start ups would have gone through much of this step. We ensure you are able to articulate your concept in a way the customers understand and appreciate. We discuss concepts of usability and customer needs and point you to the resources for a deeper dive if needed.

2. Planning

As your product leaves the labs, there are various legal and commercial steps before it can reach the customer and reap benefit for the patients. In this section we ensure you are aware of what it takes and plan resources accordingly.

3. Commercialization:

Here we discuss the key factors that affect a good market entry. Tips on branding, launching the product and very important steps of service delivery are addressed.

Using the plan

Business plans have to be complete but they don’t have to be complicated. Also, they don’t have to cost the earth. We will help you draft your business plan for commercial release of the product, something that you will be able to confidently place in front of investors and partners. We will also introduce you to our three step risk evaluation process.

Filters -2

These simple filters would help you walk through the dynamic challenges that one may be faced with in a new territory and plan resources accordingly.

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