Market Entry

Three step approach

Are you ready for new markets? 

A successful entry strategy rests on several local attributes. Understanding the target market dynamics puts you at a fair advantage in making informed decisions about cost and resource needed.

We follow a simple and practical three step approach in drafting the strategy and help you fully execute it end to end. The services are focused on the med-tech sector and leverages our teams vast practical ground experience.

Creating the plan

Each step is carefully designed to give you clear, crisp outcomes:

1. Market research

This step quantifies the market and also identifies the key attributes that would reduce risk and help you focus efforts on correct segment. The output would typically include industry trends, customer buying behaviour,  as well as market size & competition incumbency.

2. Regulatory strategy:

A regulatory strategy is much more than applying for a regulatory certificate in a country. It encompasses a whole set attributes including product life cycle, reimbursement strategies and local post entry compliance needs. We help you evaluate your additional resource needs carefully before committing to a new market.

3. Distributor search:

Distributors are a companies’ face to the customer and needs to convey the correct brand value. We help you develop a set of attributes that aligns with organisation values and forms the basis of the search for maximum alignment, ensuring better long term associations.

Implementing the plan

As you would know, even a good plan is of no value till implemented. We leverage our on ground marketing resources in Asia to help you access the market with full readiness. We use a risk template to asses the feasibility of accessing new markets:

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Asian companies looking to expand regionally or globally will find our global network invaluable and cost effective. Global companies wanting to enter Asia, will appreciate our local presence and ground knowledge.

Complete end to end package:

Our comprehensive set of services are fine tuned for small and medium medical device companies and include easy practical templates that would be needed for entering new markets. Additional areas would include distributor compliance checks and managing distributors over an extended period of time where needed.

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